A Glimpse into my Prayer Journal Series:
Establishing the Habit
Daily Prayers
Praise & Adoration; Rest
Personal Prayers
Praying for Others
Conclusion & Challenge

Fervent Prayer Series:
Your Passion
Your Focus
Your Identity
Your Family
Your Past
Your Fears
Your Purity
Your Pressures
Your Hurts
Your Relationships

My Capsule Wardrobe:
Planning my Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe, Intro.
Planning my Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Planning for the 2018 New Year!
Word of the Year
S.M.A.R.T. Goals
W.H.O.O.P.I.E. Goals 
My New Year’s Resolutions & Goals for the Year
Planning my 2018 Planner
How I Use my Planner to Meet my Goals & Be Intentional
My 2018 Happy Planner Planner Walk-Through

The Story of our Miscarriage:
Holding Patterns
It is Well
Under Construction 

Holiday Posts:
What If We Skipped Christmas?

Health & Fitness:
How I Tracked My Progress & Successes for Weight Loss, Health, & Fitness
How My View of Food Changed
My CrossFit S.M.A.R.T. Goals for the 2018 First Quarter

Single Posts You Might Find Interesting:
Thinking Differently About Sabbath
My Party Planning Process
Praying the Psalms This Morning
Winning Wars & Dreaming Dreams
My Word of the Year (and it’s probably not what you’re thinking)
Pitchin’ a Fit

Self Care Monthly Challenge:
A New Direction
Track Where Your Time is Going (with Free Printable!)
Let’s Make a Time Budget!
Give Yourself Permission
Everything for Everyone
Mama Guilt
Discover your Passions (with Free Printable!)
Determine your Core Values (with Free Printable!)
Letting Go of Perfection
How to Sabbath (with Free Printable!)
How to Care for Your Spiritual Well-Being
How to Care for Your Physical Health

My Word of the Year (Increase) & How I’m Purposefully Planning to Apply It:
Strides of Increase, Weeks 1 & 2
Strides of Increase, Week 3 
Strides of Increase, Week 4
Strides of Increase for the Month of February
My Monthly Goals: June
My Monthly Goals: June Update
My Monthly Goals: July 
My Monthly Goals: July Update
My Monthly Goals: August
My Monthly Goals: August Update
My Monthly Goals: September

More Than Just Making It: (Financial Series)
More Than Just Making It
More Than Just Making It…An Update!
Our Home is For Sale
Do You Have a Spending Problem or an Income Problem?
My Meal Planning & Grocery Sale Shopping Preparation Process
My Winn Dixie Shopping Trip 8/3/18
My Sam’s Club Shopping Trip 8/3/18
My CVS Shopping Trip 8/3/18

My Purposeful Planning:
What is My Purposeful Planning?
What to Plan
Spiritual Goals
Personal Goals
Marriage Goals
Family Goals (also includes our Homeschooling Goals)
Financial Goals
Health & Fitness Goals
Goal-Setting Worksheet

My Tips & Strategies for Planning to be More Purposeful
Series Introduction
Room Time (Mom Tip)
Praying Scriptures Over My Husband and Children (Spiritual Discipline)
The Laundry Basket Trick (Household Tip)
How I Organize our Budget (Financial Tip)
Our Family’s “Screen Time” Rules (Mom Tip)
How and Why We Color-Code our Kids’ Things (Minamalism/Household Tip/Mom Tip)

“Not Back to School”: A Homeschooling Series
Series Introduction
Our Story of How We Decided to Homeschool
Our Homeschool Curriculum Choices
Our Homeschool Yearly Schedule and Terms
Our Homeschool Daily Schedule and Routines
Our Homeschool Organization and Space
My Homeschool Planner and How I Use It